Neural Galaxy Announces $6.1M Angel Financing to Accelerate Brain Science

Boston – September 10th, 2019

Neural Galaxy Inc, the brain science company, announced that it has completed an Angel round funding of $6.1 million. The funding allows Neural Galaxy to continue the fast track of delivering solutions to diagnose and treat brain disorders. The funding is led by FreeS Fund with participation from Bohe Angel Fund, Tsingyuan Ventures, Ray Stata, etc.

Neural Galaxy is a brain science company founded in November 2018 by Professor Hesheng Liu from Harvard Medical School, Professor Robert Desimone and Professor Guoping Feng from MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and Coach Wei. Based on scientific breakthroughs from over a decade of research at the Martinos Imaging Center of Harvard and MIT, the company’s mission is to solve brain disorders and achieve strong intelligence. In close collaboration with hospitals and research institutions around the world, the company has established company sites in Boston and Beijing and is in the process of establishing offices in other locations as well.

“Brain science is one of the most important frontiers facing mankind”, said Ray Stata, founder/chairman of Analog Devices Inc, member of National Academy of Engineering. “Progresses in brain science could have fundamental impact on our science, our society, our lives, or even us as a species”.

“Brain disorders are huge challenges,” said Feng Li, founding partner of FreeS Fund. “In general, and we don’t have effective means for diagnosis or treatment. Billions of people across the globe are suffering without solutions. Neural Galaxy is well on the way to solving these monstrous problems”.

“Neural Galaxy has assembled an outstanding team, well-suited for pursuing this global scale opportunity, “, said Yuwen Liu, Managing Partner at Bohe Angel Fund. “Being interdisciplinary and international, Neural Galaxy has a perfect blend of science, technology, entrepreneurship and culture”.

“Neuro-degenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, psychiatric disorders, such as depression, and developmental disorders, such as autism, are indeed big challenges facing our society today”, said Hesheng Liu, founder of Neural Galaxy. “There have been many attempts to find solutions in the past but very few were successful. At Neural Galaxy, we have found a new path to solve these problems, and we are executing our plan to deliver these solutions”.

In a few short months since its founding, Neural Galaxy has assembled a global team of scientists, engineers, researchers, and designers across Boston and Beijing. Clinical studies in hospitals are on the way. In May 2019, Neural Galaxy entered the prestigious 2nd “ChuangYe Beijing” startup competition. With over 1000 entries and after a vigorous 3-month’s competitive process, Neural Galaxy was awarded the first-place prize. “We are pleased by the company’s execution “, said Feng Li. “Since we saw the company for the first time about 10 months ago, the company has made tremendous progress”.

“Brain science used to be mostly about fundamental research that may not leave the lab for decades”, said Robert Desimone, founder of Neural Galaxy, Director of MIT’s McGovern Institute for Brain Research, and a member of the US National Academy of Science. “However, it’s changing. It’s changing fast. An entire new industry is emerging around brain science right now.”

About Neural Galaxy, Inc.

Neural Galaxy is a brain science company with a mission to treat brain disorders and build strong intelligence. Based on scientific breakthroughs from over a decade of research at Harvard, Neural Galaxy delivers technology products that enable a deep understanding of our brains, the discovery of the neural mechanism underlying brain disorders, and the achievement of effective diagnosis and treatment. For more information, please visit

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